Meet Sara



I’m Sara. I’m a photographer in Pocatello, Idaho. I love photographing families at all ages…including newborns, kids, and seniors.

My photography journey started around the time my first son was born. Like a lot of moms, I wasn’t happy with the photos we captured from our (not so) trusty $400 camera. My husband was busy in grad school, and I found myself with some free time to begin studying photography. At that point, I was already proficient in Photoshop, since my first career was in corporate training and required me to do a lot of design work related to training. So…I learned as much as I could about photography…attending workshops, photography conventions, and the good old fashioned public library.

My favorite part of photography is that it’s constantly changing…there are new techniques to learn, new styles to try out, and new clients to turn into friends. Editing is a huge part of photography, which allows me to keep my Photoshop skills sharp.

When I’m not editing photos, I also have a “day job” that I love. I’ve been associated with this company for over 15 years and have many great friendships with those I work with.


I’m a Mom too..

Believe me…my life is crazy just like yours. I have three kids who keep me busy juggling all of their schoolwork and activities . They have unique personalities. They beat to different drums, and they bring these unique traits to their photos.

So believe me when I say I totally understand why your 5 year old decided to play in the mud at your photo session and now we have to clean him up before we can continue. I also understand why your 2 year old just isn’t happy to sit and pose on command.

I totally get it! So…just relax. If we need to spend a few minutes grabbing a snack for your toddler, let’s do it! Beautiful portraits await.

Next Steps…

Let’s setup a time to do a consultation (either in person or over the phone). It’s a great way for me to learn your goals from your session, and you can get all of your questions answered at once.


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